About Us

Greatwood Underwear is an American men’s underwear brand founded by fashion stylist Jermelle F. Pitts. Greatwood Underwear developed a collection of underwear utilizing the finest long staple cotton fabrics for unparalleled lightness and comfort.


The ancient symbolism of wood has been found to represent physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation and liberation, union and fertility and often seen as masculine.


Pitts’s missive: create breathable goods for today’s active male who desires underwear of style, taste, and texture. “There’s a sea of underwear available to all men…basic white briefs to polka-dot boxer briefs.  Greatwood's collection focuses on craftsmanship without sacrificing style. As a stylist, I want consumers to feel good about themselves and if the first article of clothing you dress in leaves you feeling confident, I’ve done my job as a designer.”