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Let's talk Advertisment, Branding and business managemnt! Check out some of the brands we represent: 

Pop Culture Entreprnuer and our Creative Director had the opputunity to have a "kiki" with Charell Star from  A Girl in a dress. The two discussed business and beauty. Jermelle spoke about what makes 1969 Beauty different from other cosmetics:

""I don’t just sell a product; I sell a lifestyle. 1969 Beauty is a brand not just a product. I am a Pop Culture Entrepreneur meaning I am in-touch with what my consumers need and what their interest are. I’m in touch with what’s going on around me. I’m very involved in my brand. I have an eye for detail. I understand the importance of formulations and pigmentations. Also, the quality of my products for the price is amazing. My lipsticks are $12.69, but for the quality and pigmentation should be $21.99, if not more. My buyers really appreciate that." 

Jermelle also gave some valuable advice to those with dreams to become an entrepreneur:

"Make sure you are doing what you love and have a true passion for it. Surround yourself with like-minded people. I don’t mind being the dumbest person in the room, because everyone that I surround myself with are smart, successful and have crazy wisdom. I’m taking mental notes and learning from them. As entrepreneurs it’s important to put together a strong team and get rid of the “yes men.”

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